Kadmos Group

Company Introduction

John O'Donnell

Kadmos Group was established in 1990 and since then has developed a portfolio of clients throughout Australia, the UK, USA and Asia.

John O'Donnell, principal of the firm, is a Fellow of Australian Institute of Company Directors, Fellow, Australian Institute of Management and has experience as a director of a number of companies in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

John gained the majority of his commercial experience in a variety of business development and management positions with the Shell Company of Australia in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. He then held executive management positions with corporations in the food and print/publishing industries prior to establishing Kadmos Group in 1990.

Assignments have been successfully undertaken in all states of Australia, USA, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, UK, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Key industry sectors are:

  • agribusiness
  • mining, energy and resources
  • health, aged care and disabilities
  • transport and distribution
  • higher education
  • medical and health research
  • not-for-profit bodies (sport, industry peak bodies, community welfare, volunteer organisations).
  • professional services (consulting engineering, accounting, law, marketing)

Other industries in which Kadmos Group has a track record are public sector management and government trading enterprises; printing and publishing; electronics and information technology.

We utilise a suite of core methodologies, focussed on systematic business development and organisational improvement, that are flexible and are tailored to meet specific client needs. These include assessment of emerging industry trends and market opportunities, diagnosis of organisation capabilities and capacity, expectations of stakeholders, strategic option development, development of organisational transition plans and associated governance renewal processes.  We work with a great team of specialists in a wide variety of fields.

We have a particularly strong track record in:

  • working with Boards and senior management teams in challenging the wisdom and sustainability of existing organisational direction
  • leading processes to develop and align plans to market opportunity, competitive positioning and organisational capacity
  • transferring innovative solutions between industry sectors - including between corporate and not for profit entities
  • facilitating complex group problem solving processes
  • the design and facilitation of large-scale, whole-of-industry, strategic direction setting processes that involve multiple and diverse stakeholders
  • transforming under performing governance systems to fully support strategic direction.

Kadmos Group's fundamental skill is the facilitation of organisational direction setting and problem-solving that is driven by an evidence based future vision.