Kadmos Group

Our Business Model

Our business model is based on producing mutually satisfying outcomes from all our projects.

This means:

  • We must know that the project fits our skills and that we can deliver a professional result. We will not undertake a project that is outside the core skills or track record of our team.
  • We must know that our clients understand what they are entering into, their required contribution to success and that we have a shared understanding of expected outcomes.
  • The "chemistry" is right between the parties involved.
  • We put a lot of effort into ensuring that the objectives are mutually understood and the process agreed before the project commences.
  • We very rarely work on an open ended hourly rate basis. 

Our normal operational mode is to develop a project plan in an interactive process with the prospective client, to agree process and roles and then determine a fixed fee to achieve the agreed outcomes.

Our project management model means that our overheads are lower and that the teams we assemble are specifically tailored to provide the skill set required to deliver the agreed outcomes.  We are not bound by the need to utilise salaried staff who may not have the required skills.

In a "typical" year over 50% of Kadmos Group's business is derived from projects located in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, 30 -40% in Western Australia and the balance overseas.