Kadmos Group

Some Of Our Work

Our business strategy has been based on ensuring that Kadmos Group is recognised across a range of industry sectors. 

Our experience since 1990 has proven time and again that by working across industry boundaries we can act as a transfer conduit and thereby add significant value to the people and organisations we work with.  In return we receive enhanced professional satisfaction that comes from a successful outcome.

The following list is a selection of our projects to indicate the breadth of our activities.  Many more can be provided on request.


Courier Australia
Courier Australia is a leader in courier and express transport services.

City Sprint UK
Transition from an entreprenaurial UK based courier service to being part of a global company based in New York


Food processing
Review of strategic direction and operational business model

Meat Exports
Board process to set strategic direction and align governance processes with it

Pig Industry
Assessment of the strategic position and future direction of the pig industry.

Potato Industry
Developing an export capacity...


Heavy Marine Engines
The Australian licensee of one of the world's premier brands of heavy marine engines...


5 Year Strategy for Gold Mining Company
A five-year strategic planning process for a listed gold mining company....

Industry project
A business model for establishment of an industry funded resource to assist Aboriginal businesses....

Rio Tinto/Hismelt
Community consultation related to permit applications for a major new processing plant....

Computer Software

Management Information System
Management information system for use by medium to large-scale companies in the printing industry. ...

A new approach to ICT research...

Seafood Exports

Opportunities for Lobster Exporter
Market trends in Japan and Taiwan and future opportunities for Australia's largest lobster exporter....

Government Trading Enterprises - Indonesia

State-Owned Trading Enterprises
Commercialisation of a diversified range of state-owned trading enterprises, based in Surabaya....


Western Power
Community consultation process ...

CSIRO Petroleum Division
Commercialisation of intelelctual property...

Professional Services

Law firm - needed to reshape its client focus, to improve its organisation effectiveness...

This second tier firm faced growth and succession issues....

Not For Profit

WA Football Commission
A process to determine the most appropriate home base for the Fremantle Dockers.

Senses Foundation
....current status and future potential for its major commercial activity

High profile sporting association
This major peak body wished to capitalise on its leadership position and to ensure future plans kept it in that position.

YMCA Perth
Organisational renewal process

The Smith Family
New strategic direction, governance and organisational renewal..

ACTIV Foundation
Strategic review of commercial activities..

Leadership of sporting organisations
Tennis Victoria, Basketball Victoria, Yachting Victoria, Canoeing Victoria....

Higher Education / Research

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney
A new integrated strategic direction for all medical research across the Faculty....

Westmead Millennium Institute
An innovative approach that led to an industry leader...

Flinders University
New approach to health and medical research...

University of Western Australia
Deeloping a new organisational approach to medical education...

Curtin University
Strategic options for future direction...

NSW Government
State investment in health and medical research

Health Services

WA and NSW Health Departments
Numerous assignments with Divisions within the WA and NSW Health Departments...

Australian Rural & Remote Workforce Agencies Group
Review of effectiveness of governance and strategic direction...

Ministerial Advisory Council – Disability Services
Collaborative development of Strategic Framework

St Vincents Hospital Sydney
New organisational approach to support for research....

Consolidation of GP Practices
Investment strategy aligned with operational needs...