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Strategic Diagnosis

A systematic process providing a snapshot of the current status of organisational and operational performance. This proven methodology enables a visual format of apparent organisation effectiveness to be prepared.

This method is often used by Boards and senior management teams as a common platform of understanding to underpin a structured strategic planning process.  The process often identifies "blind spots" of market understanding and operational capacity to meet the future expectations of stakeholders.

Kadmos Group consistently facilitates this process to large and small companies, industry peak bodies, government trading enterprises, large and small community-based enterprises, research organisations, professional services providers and to the not for profit sector.

Direction Setting

The Kadmos system involves:

  • Developing a systematic understanding of the external business environment and the forces for change impacting on it
  • Understanding the expectations of key stakeholders including shareholders / funders, major clients, supply chain leaders and staff
  • Assessing competitors and their strategies
  • Identifying defensible market positions that enable core strengths to excel and thereby build competitive advantage
  • Developing strategic options and selecting the preferred course of action
  • Developing a strategic framework to define an integrated set of organisational goals, long-term strategies and desired strategic outcomes to guide implementation.

This process utilises the strategic diagnosis process to define the scope of the research required, the appropriate direction setting process, staff and expertise to be involved, timing and support resource needs.

Market Development Planning

Success emanates from a systematic approach to understanding and evaluating market development opportunities and options.

We work with market research specialists who provide the evidence required to develop robust strategic objectives and the implementation processes required for repositioning. We specialise in business-to-business market environments.

Feasibility Studies

Kadmos Group has led many studies to identify solutions to business problems and evaluate economic, technical and operational feasibilities of preferred courses of action.

These projects usually involve design and conduct of interactive workshop processes, community consultation, ranging from small groups through to large number of participants - as has been the case in some industry-wide planning and change projects we have led.

Governance System Review and Renewal Processes

Kadmos Group specialises in providing a structured and collaborative approach to renewal of governance systems which fully supports the strategic needs of the organisation. This often leads to facilitation of Board performance reviews and implementation of new Board processes, development of specifications for new Constitutions, improved relationships between Boards and management/members, and a leadership system fully aligned with the strategic direction of the organisation.  We have a particularly strong track record in working with large charities, sporting bodies, research institutes, industry bodies and community-based not-for-profit organisations.