Kadmos Group

Who Works With Us

Our business model sees Kadmos Group working in many industry sectors.

This requires considerable flexibility in gathering and applying the right skills to the right project at the right time.  We have become proficient at putting teams together and project managing them to meet contract requirements.

Since 1990 Kadmos Group has been refining its operating model to ensure that we select and use specialists tailored to meet specific project needs. 

We have access to a pool of associates across Australia and overseas that we are proud to call "Our Network".

The following is a selection of those people.

Kadmos Team

Neil Chandler - Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals

Expertise: Neil has a track record in senior management in international manufacturing and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. He now advises a wide variety of biotech innovators in relation to commercialisation of their discoveries.

Leith Finnie - Corporate presentations

Expertise: Leith has been providing executive support to Kadmos Group since its inception. The high quality of presentations, project reports and corporate publications is attributed to Leith's innovative approach and commitment to quality and the level of service that she provides.

Michael Frommer - Health system effectiveness, policy development & Research

Expertise: Michael is a senior public health physician with 30 years' experience spanning clinical practice and government and academic service. His main areas of expertise are clinical, public health and health research policy and the analysis of health system effectiveness. He is director of the Sydney Health Projects Group, University of Sydney, and has worked with Kadmos Group on various projects for nearly a decade.

John Holmes - Logistics strategy and project management

Expertise: John Holmes has established a reputation for developing innovative solutions to enable clients to improve the performance of their logistics operations. The combination of his background in accounting and operational management provides a mix of skills that has added great value to many Kadmos Group projects.

John Kelly - Operational and governance improvement

Expertise: John is a senior lawyer with a background in nursing, psychology, health system management and commercial law. He holds a range of national appointments in the health industry. John has worked with Kadmos Group on a number of strategic projects involved in organisational direction setting and governance renewal.

Barry MacKinnon - Public policy, legislative and regulatory issues

Expertise: Barry provides advice on the impact of current and potential legislative policy and regulatory changes for individuals and organisations that might be affected. His many years experience as an MP in Western Australia gives him valuable insight to these decision making processes.

Nicky Munro - Market research

Expertise: Nicky is a leader in development and conduct of strategic research methodologies in many industries. Nicky and John O'Donnell have collaborated on many projects for nearly 20 years.

Joe Peczka - Taxation advice

Expertise: Joe has a 20 year track record of advising small to medium businesses on all aspects of taxation including GST, capital gains tax, superannuation and income tax. Joe is a partner at Cornerstone Partners, Chartered Accountants. He has had a business association with John O'Donnell for nearly 20 years.

Amanda Pringle - Market analysis

Expertise: Following graduation from Curtin University Amanda's career includes a decade of wide ranging business development roles in industrial markets with BHP Steel and two other companies associated with the mining industry. Amanda has been an associate of Kadmos Group since 2002.

Ian Reid - Leadership processes and systems

Expertise: Ian’s background includes senior management roles in higher education, board director positions for private, public and community organisations, CEO experience in the not-for-profit sector, and developing his own consultancy business with a focus on enhancing performance in the context of strategic review and organisational renewal

Yvonne Renshaw - Brand development and strategy

Expertise: Yvonne is acknowledged as a leader in providing advice related to product positioning, brand development and corporate communications processes to many companies in Western Australia. Kadmos Group has had a business association with Yvonne for many years.

Rob Sproule - Organisation development & executive coaching

Expertise: Rob is an organisational psychologist with a track record of working with top teams in strategic organisational improvement projects - in particular in relation to leadership and human resources systems. Rob and John O'Donnell have had a professional association for more than 2 decades.

Brian Wall - Health system management

Expertise: Brian is a pharmacist who held executive positions in public health administration prior to developing his own consulting business. He has contributed to a range of Kadmos Group projects over the past decade.